La Linea del Fuoco

The packed collection of writings, drawings and machines, edited by Dario Gentili and published in Italy by Quodlibet, unveils Daniel Libeskind’s operational and theoretical universe, which can be pursued in many directions. (Domus)

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Machines d’Architecture

Presented at the Fondation Cartier in 1992, the exhibitionMachines d’architecture was conceived with Patrick Javault around a think tank of architects, the idea being to question construction in its relation to life, art, and privacy. The Fondation Cartier thus exhibited architects for whom conception and thought take precedence and who set aside most of their time for drawing, writing, and creating machines that are not preliminary studies waiting to be built but actual works that fix the conditions of their potential and build their own realm of reception. The sculptures, texts and poems presented offer an alternative to construction and dwell…

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Three Lessons in Architecture: The Machines

Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, USA Completed

The Space of Encounter, by Daniel Libeskind Three Lessons in Architecture: The Machines Installation, Venice Biennale, 1985 The proposal deals with the city and its architecture in the form of participatory engagement with three large machines. The public is involved with creating and interpreting architecture in its broad social, cultural, and historical perspective. The three machines propose a fundamental recollection and a retrieval of the historical destiny of architecture; a singular, if unexpected, homecoming. This mechanism constitutes a single project: Each segment forms a starting point for the understanding and functioning of the others. Together they form a cycle in…

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