The Wings

Milan, Italy Completed

Situated in the heart of the Milan Expo in the Piazza Italia, four 10 meter-high (33 ft.) shimmering tree-like sculptures anchored the four corners of the central square in Milan, Italy. Conceived as gates each structure’s dynamic form spiral out of the ground and spread into two branches spanning 10 meters over the square. Crafted out of brushed aluminium and fitted with innovative LED technology, the Wings animated the public space with a constant flow of pulsating patterns and imagery related to the theme of the Expo: health, energy, sustainability and technology. London-based media agency Innovision provided the creative content for the display…

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Outside Line

Uozu, Japan Completed

Outside Line, an installation situated in the Sports Park near the city of Uozu, Japan, was proposed as a place to contemplate the relationship between man and nature. The project was inspired by the search for a contemporary understanding of space and light, and its design was informed by a precisely determined web of conceptual, topographical relationships between objects and space, eye and mind. A red line orients itself upon an imaginary axis connecting the descending history of the Buried Forest Museum and the ascending horizon of the Tateyama mountain range.  This line creates special, ever-changing qualities of light and…

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Garden of Love and Fire

Almere, Netherlands Completed

This quiet meditation garden is located in the ‘town without a history’ of Almere, The Netherlands. The garden consists of an observation platform, three narrow water canals, and a fourth dry channel on which a rectilinear volume is resting.  These lines direct themselves toward three particular locations: Salamanca, Paris, and Almere. They signify a world location in which love (Juan de la Cruz) and fire (Paul Celan) intersect in Almere’s future. The inscribed ciphers refer to the encounter between Juan de la Cruz and Paul Celan in the newly reclaimed land. They become readable at precisely those times when the…

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Memoria e Luce, 9/11 Memorial

Padua, Italy Completed

The Memoria e Luce is a memorial located in Padua, Italy for victims of the 9/11 attacks on New York City.  A twisted steel beam salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade Center, which was donated by the United States to the Veneto Region and in turn to the City of Padua, was used to realize the design of an open and luminous book. The memorial was created with the support and collaboration of Permasteelisa.

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The Wheel of Conscience

Halifax, Canada Completed

The Wheel of Conscience is a kinetic installation on display in Halifax at the Canadian Museum of Immigration on Pier 21, the gateway to Canada for a million immigrants and now a National Historic Site.  The work was inspired by the story of the M.S. St. Louis, a ship carrying Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, which the Canadian government turned away in 1939. The work is a heavy steel wheel placed vertically and housing four interlocking steel gears powered by an electric motor.  The words “hatred, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism” are applied in relief to the face of the gears. The…

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Ohio Statehouse Holocaust Memorial

Columbus, Ohio, USA Completed

This outdoor memorial in Columbus, Ohio was conceived to keep alive the memory of the millions who lost their lives in the Holocaust and the American soldiers who liberated those in concentration camps.  Studio Libeskind’s design encourages the contemplation of ideas and values that cut across generations, ethnic identity, and creed. Approaching from the Statehouse, the visitor walks on a limestone walkway between inclined, graduated stone walls and two stone benches towards a pair of large 18-ft-high bronze panels.  Embossed with a story told by a survivor of Auschwitz, the panels are also irregularly angled at their inner edges.  The…

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