Berlin Dreams

Urban Stories, Palazzo Litta, Milano, Italy


Berlin Dreams is a piece of glass architecture designed by Daniel Libeskind, sponsored by AGC Glass Europe in collaboration with Fiam Italia, based on 9 invisible lines traced through Potsdamer Platz, after it was No Man’s Land between East and West Berlin, yet before it was rebuilt. Constructed in Milan, Italy, each of the 9 “Muse Lines” represents a cluster of architectonic typologies representing Berlin’s civic history: from the tavern to the graveyard, concert hall, library, hospital, school, shelter, festival, moving monuments, sacred wilderness, etc. that works like a temporal map or spatial clock, demarcating a matrix of historical figures, disciplines, languages, events, colors, shapes and times of the day etched invisibly over the city’s displaced center. A geometric form arises out of the intersection of certain points along this matrix like the wing of an angel of the future.