Cheongju City Hall

Cheongju, South Korea


Studio Libeskind’s proposal in response to the international architectural competition for the new Cheongju City Hall in South Korea offers an ambitious vision for the city of Cheongju.

The concept for the design is based on the existing historic city hall structure. The 1965 modernist structure is the “seed” that symbolizes the culture and heritage of the City. Around it we have organized the site framing the historic building with two sweeping branches or wings.

The design positions the buildings in an open-democratic composition that rises and sweeps across the site. As users approach the site from the south, they are greeted with two open and luminous volumes that invite public participation and connect users to the City they serve.

Public space is a cornerstone of the design, thoughtfully-designed, the public realm is as important to the site as the buildings constructed. Our design allocates a majority of the site to open, flexible, public space.  For the City Hall and Council administrative offices, we put emphasis on user’s health and well-being while creating flexible spaces throughout the complex, including social spaces with gardens and lounges. The buildings’ sloping roof surfaces create the fifth elevation of the building and are ideal for solar collectors as well as insulated green roofs. The east-west elevations, where the low angle light conditions are most challenging, are clad with louvers that help mitigate the low angle solar gains at sunrise and sunset. The traditional wood screen inspired louvers to allow for maximum flexibility for the internal organization while maintaining the overall vision of the buildings as a unified civic structure.