Shanghai, China


Concerto is a composition of three office towers, a retail building, and a low-rise cultural building with an ample open park-like public space at the entrance of the site. The Cultural building, commercial building, and three office towers are arranged around an open public space with a sunken plaza. Varied in shape and façade design, they form a ‘Concerto’ of harmonizing voices.

The cultural building frames a green space along Ennead’s ‘Financial Crescent’. It provides a variety of adaptable exhibition spaces and is the technology hub of the site. This dual function is reflected in the two main façade types: Diagrid metal panels and stretch metal grills. Oblique red lines and large glazed openings create a dynamic composition.

Three office towers with 7, 8 and 9 floors shape a varied open space. Their facades are composed of various patterns of glass and metal, which create a visual tie between them. Retail buildings with deep canopies line the pedestrian boulevard at the east of the site. The green roof garden is open to the public.