Counting the Rice



In collaboration with performance artist Marina Abramovic, Daniel Libeskind created a limited edition table based on Abramovic’s exercise “Counting the Rice”. The table is an embodiment of the performance staged by the Marina Abramovic Institute that involves counting grains of rice for six hours or more—the type of physically demanding experiment for which the contemporary artist is known.

“I wanted to create something austere, but also beautiful that speaks to Marina’s work in a very direct way,” said Daniel Libeskind.  “The design comes from the idea of a church pew or monastic cloister.”

Produced in an edition of 30 by the Italian furniture company Moroso, the table is one piece of high performance soft grey cast concrete, etched with intersecting lines. The first prototype of the table was presented in April 2014 in the Cortile d’Onore cloister at Milan University, during Design Week 2014. Moroso produced a single wooden version for the occasion, used for the ‘Counting the Rice’ exercise performed by students in Milan.