Dancing Tower

Chengdu, China


Studio Libeskind has designed the latest residential tower for the Luxelakes Eco-City located in Chengdu, China.

The Dancing Tower is inspired by the traditional Chinese Water Sleeve Dance—the famous flowing fabric of a dancer’s sleeves that creates undulating forms. This inspiration is immediately recognized in two soaring fans that frame the entrance and seem to reverberate up through the streaming shape of the balconies and screening elements. The latter is formed by modular framed glass elements and metal fins, spanning floor to floor and arranged in a vivid pattern.

The tower stands 40 floors/ 159 meters high and includes a multi-story lobby and covered public area, gardens, terraces, and pools at lake level. The balconies form a second layer around the main body, gradually pivoting around it in a flowing movement. A screen of distinct vertical elements reinforces the fluid shape. The primary body is shaped by 4 curved elevations that meet in blunt corners. It is oriented with a wider face towards the lake. Car drop-off and the main entrance are from the Northeast.

Today, the Chengdu wetlands are being restored as an ‘ecological belt’ connecting rivers, lakes, and wetlands along the city’s ring expressway. Luxelakes Eco City is a significant new urban development with a mixture of residential, business, recreation, and entertainment areas in a rehabilitated lakeside environment. Located on banks of the lake.