Four Seasons Dubai Water Canal Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The Four Seasons Dubai Water Canal Hotel is designed as the crown of the Dubai Water Canal District. Ideally located along the highly visible Jumeirah Road, it serves as a gateway to the marina and beaches to the northwest and to the man-made Dubai Water Canal Peninsula.

The tower, podium, and access points have been carefully considered to maximize the program and views on the compact site. Sited on the southwest corner with direct access from Jumeirah Road, the faceted
podium soars upward into six branches that disperse the overall mass of the building.

Each unique form reflects the light, pattern, and color of the surrounding park and water. The tower’s six branches culminate at different elevations creating a slender proportion and a human scale. The variegated geometry of the high-rise form creates discrete zones for private balconies to be tucked away without interrupting the façade. This approach responds to the functional needs for outdoor spaces yet it avoids the typical reading of a condominium typology.