Gare Nanterre La Folie

Paris, France


Studio Libeskind’s response to the international architectural competition to build a new train station in Paris is conceived as a symbolic landmark that will connect the surrounding neighborhoods.

Our design for the Gare Nanterre La Folie station creates a new gateway from the public transportation network to the axis of La Defense and connects the Groue neighborhood to the business district. It creates the potential to transform Groue into a lively, busy neighborhood for working and living with the station at its heart.

The architectural concept was to create multiple circulations throughout the structure. The Station design opens a vertical space, from the low mezzanine to the upper floors allowing panoramic views and an immediate orientation within the spaces. Daylight enters through the main entrance and skylights reaching all levels of circulation. With its impressive volume, the project aspires to the scenic grandeur of the great Parisian stations of the past. The curvilinear envelope that shapes the interior space appears in the urban space as a single object that arises through the envelope of the rectangular volume of the functional building of the station. The overall undulating shape symbolizes the fluidity of urban movements and transport connections that cross the station.