Kronberg Academy and Hotel

Kronberg im Taunus, Germany


The Kronberg Academy is an international cultural institution based in Kronberg with the purpose of training young and highly gifted musical talents.

Studio Libeskind’s proposal for the plan and buildings was centered around creating a lively quarter between the train station and Victoria Park to enrich the urban landscape of Kronberg for its citizens. The district is pervaded by public green spaces, which create diverse connections to the parks and the surrounding city quarters. The result is an urban ensemble without a backside and a high quality of stay in which art, city, and nature enter into an extraordinary symbiosis.

Our proposal for the new  Academy and the Chamber Music Hall responds to the topography with its shape, in the form of rising and falling eaves and sloping roof surfaces. Inspired by the form of a musical instrument’s case, the enclosure of the building is folded and layered several times, structuring and graduating the volume.  The Chamber Music hall is clad with Sycamore wood panels– the same wood used in crafting instruments.

The design makes use of the topography with the assignment of the different levels. Parking spaces and delivery for the hotel and chamber music hall are arranged underground. The facades are clad with tiles made of bioactive ceramic with a self-cleaning effect.