Leonardo Icon

Milano, Italy


Commissioned by the Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy and realized by Daniel Libeskind, the bold, sculptural design pays homage to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, while enlivening the piazza with a dramatic contemporary work.

The form is based on the geometric shape of the fractal— a fundamental idea in da Vinci’s work— linear, oblique shapes intertwine and stretch upward, to create a dance of form, movement, line and light. The iron structure sits on a round base embossed in bronze with Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus f. 199 v Map of the City of Milan, with a plan of the Castello of Porta Giovia, (c. 1507-10).

“The Ambrosiana is one of the most special places in the world and it is a personal honor to contribute to their legacy,” said Daniel Libeskind. “The concept for the Leonardo Icon was to bring to life the complexity of the mind of Leonardo and his ideas: the union of nature and culture, art and science and innovation—a kind of machine for the imagination.”