Nokia Arena and Residential Towers

Tampere, Finland


The Nokia Arena project is an ambitious urban renewal project, situated at a pivotal location within Tampere, Finland. It stitches the urban fabric back together across an existing railway and connects East to West, creating a new vibrant hub of high quality living, working, leisure and culture for the city and Finland. The mixed-use program consists of a multi-purpose ice hockey arena with a hotel, five adjacent towers with a podium that includes residences, retail and offices.

The arena, which occupies one fifth of the complex, will have the capacity to accommodate 17,000 visitors. With its casino, bars and restaurant at deck level, the arena redefines its pivotal function as a hub for diverse urban activities. There is approximately 82,000 square meters of mixed-use program; including 64,500 square meters of arena space, 5800 square meters for a practice hall and 11,600 square meters hotel with three rooftop saunas.

“My goal was to reflect a 21st sensibility of living within a high-density sustainable lifestyle. The series of buildings each has its own unique identity and as a whole create a dynamic urban skyline that reflects light, color and form. Like a precious gemstones on a crown the forms crystallize in a richness of contemporary urban living.” —Daniel Libeskind


The Nokia Arena opened in December 2021. The towers are currently under construction.