The Wing



The WING mirror collection, designed for Fiam, reimagines the mirror and its magical space. The name refers to the way our image is reflected back at us each morning, jolting us awake and forcing the dreams and desires of the night to take wing. The mystery of reflection is suggested by two parallel lines near the top and the bottom of each mirror that break the flat surface and cause a frisson of dislocation in the viewer. The effect is heightened by the fact that, if the mirrors are hung perpendicular to the floor, the “breaks” appear at an angle, while if the mirror is hung so that the lines are perpendicular to the floor, the mirror is angled.

Wall mirror consisting of two curved glass elements in silvered glass and three flat mirrors welded together.

Metal back frame allowing horizontal, vertical and slanted hanging.

Dimensions L.W.H.

181x10x49 cm

180x10x65 cm