Vectors, Liberation Route

Berlin, Germany


The Vectors of Memory, designed by Studio Libeskind will mark the Liberation Route Hiking Trail that follows the path that the Western Allies took during the liberation of the continent.  Stretching almost 3,000 km. from London to Berlin the vector markers are designed in different forms and sizes to be flexible enough to mark significant waypoints on the trail, and easy to install in different environments.  The Vectors will mark the numerous personal stories from different (national) perspectives.  By highlighting storylines from the final phase of WWII from these different points of view, the route focuses on the value of international cooperation, European unification, and the freedom that Western Europe has been able to enjoy for almost 75 years.

“The vectors are a topography of memory. They function as points in both space and time, while connecting to the story of liberation,” said architect Daniel Libeskind.


The first markers were placed in 2019.  The Liberation Route Europe Foundation is actively looking for sponsors and donors to realize and complete the long distance international hiking trail.