London, April 2015 – Thorn announces the launch of Zoar, a unique architectural lantern with a tiltable LED engine, exclusively designed by world-class architect, Daniel Libeskind.

With a modern textured black finish, Zoar offers a striking slim profile and elegant column package with continuous geometries from the lantern to the column. A tiltable LED engine allows freedom and innovation in lighting design, as well as easy integration into the landscape.

Daniel Libeskind’s work includes, among other famous projects, the World Trade Center Master Plan; Canada’s Royal Ontario Museum; Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany; the Vitra tower in Sao Paolo, Brazil; and London’s Metropolitan University Graduate Centre. His architecture emerges from the idea that a building should be expressive and reflect contemporary life.

Daniel Libeskind says: “I wanted to create an architectural luminaire that would reflect the spirit of my Studio’s work that could also function in a diverse range of applications and settings. I am honored to work with Thorn, with their vast expertise and experience they were able to turn such an ambitious concept into a reality.”

Zoar is ideal for urban applications demanding high performance with extraordinary style, including pedestrian areas, parks, urban streets and building surrounds. To ensure an efficient and comfortable light for the application, Zoar has a customisable optic with a choice of eleven light distributions and two enclosures. It is available as standard in 3330lm (40W) and 5833lm (59W), other lumen packages are available on request. With a 20-year 100 000-hour maintenance-free lifetime for both the LED and driver, Zoar delivers significant cost savings over its lifetime.

Global Product Manager at Thorn, Corinne Delor, adds: “It was an honour to be approached by Daniel Libeskind and work with his Studio to develop this exciting lantern. Zoar has a unique and strong identity to offer a statement architectural solution while being easy to integrate into any landscape.”

For more information about Zoar, go to www.thornlighting.com/ZOAR