Zohar Lamp



The Zohar luminaire designed by Daniel Libeskind explores the idea of street lighting from a new perspective. Based on human proportions, it modulates light through its stainless steel facets, achieving a friendly yet striking effect. Reaching beyond the mechanical and anonymous device, the light pole imbues the street with a subtle complexity and contributes to the richness and diversity of the city. The intricate physiognomy of the pole allows the Zohar to maintain its sculptural qualities even when used in clusters and rows: its emotional sensibility creates a living space around it, making the urban experience a little more multi-faceted and interesting.

A unique and high-end design ideal for luxury housing developments, the luminaire complies with the highest safety and energy standards. Made of stainless steel throughout, the LED light source is equipped with innovative optics system for enhanced distribution of light and automatic control of the light flux. The pole contains a presence detector regulated to alter the light flux as pedestrians transit, ensuring a minimum level of lighting when no people are present and increasing to reach 100% of power when people pass by. Intelligent communication between columns provides adequate lighting of the path to aid pedestrian transit and increase the perception of security and safety at all hours of the night.

The Zohar luminaire debuted in the CityLife development district in Milan in 2012.