Ogden Center for Fundamental Physics at Durham University

Durham, United Kingdom Completed

Durham University commissioned Studio Libeskind to create a new university building that will accommodate their expanding student body and staff, as well as house a new research facility for the study of fundamental physics. The new Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics provides seventy-two new offices for professors, lecturers, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, support staff and visiting academics of the Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC)  the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy (CEA) and the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CfAI). At the core of the design’s concept is an emphasis on natural light and openness.  A spiral in plan, the Ogden Centre appears to…

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London Metropolitan University Graduate Centre

London, United Kingdom Completed

The 10,000 sq. ft. Graduate Student Centre for the London Metropolitan University is an addition to the bustling block on London’s Holloway Road. Composed of three intersecting volumes, clad with embossed stainless steel panels for a shining and ever-changing surface, the Graduate Center houses a lecture theater, seminar rooms, staff offices and a café for the university’s graduate students. The interiors are filled with natural light by way of large windows of geometrical cuts and slashes. The Centre serves not only as a facility to enhance the staff and student experience, but acts as a major gateway to the University…

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Forum at Leuphana University

Lüneburg, Germany Completed

The new Forum at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, designed in collaboration with Daniel Libeskind, provides the campus with a landmark building that promotes the vision of innovation and excellence for the university. The building integrates the Research Center, the Student Center, the Seminar Center and the Auditorium into one single structure. This new configuration promotes cross disciplinary interaction and a dynamic learning environment for the students and faculty alike. Each of the functions are housed in four individually shaped and mutually interlinking volumes that form a major composite structure achieving the maximum efficiency in terms of usage, structure, energy consumption and…

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The Wohl Centre

Ramat-Gan, Israel Completed

In this major expansion to the Bar-Ilan University Campus in Ramat-Gan, Israel, Studio Libeskind gives visual form to the concept of `voices’ and `echoes’ as symbols of Bar-Ilan’s essential quality—respect for the secular and the sacred. The building is made up of an “open book” perched on top of two horizontal walls like the spine of a book.  The book-like form holds a 1000-seat auditorium, which is acoustically suitable for musical performances and lectures.  The auditorium lighting on the ceiling is a labyrinth of Hebrew letters.  The interior spaces are bright and clean spaces.  Flexible ground level rooms hold seminar…

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The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Hong Kong, China Completed

An elegant, low-tech design placed at the service of high-tech invention. This nine-story crystalline building is designed to accommodate a range of flexible environments for research and experimentation. Each space, whether self-contained or open, is unique. The dramatic central stair spirals upward with irregular twists and curves creating unexpected gathering spaces. Asymmetrical windows cut into the walls of lecture halls, classrooms and computer labs allowing for natural light to fill even the inner-most rooms of the Center. Interactive spaces flow in and around the sound stages, recording studios, screening rooms, exhibit and performance spaces, multipurpose theater, and other areas. More…

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Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin in the Eric F. Ross building

Berlin, Germany Completed

This one-floor 25,000-square-foot academy is located across the street from the Jewish Museum Berlin, on the site of the historic Blumengrossmarkt (flower market) in Berlin, Germany.  Here, the Jewish Museum Berlin offers public programs in a space that includes a library as well as offices, archives, and support spaces.  Within the building, there is a Garden of the Diaspora, filled with plants and shrubs from all around the world. The Academy is integrated into the ensemble of the Kollegienhaus and the Jewish Museum Berlin. A tilted cube penetrates the outer wall of the hall, creating a counterpart to the main…

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