Swarovski Chess Set

Swarovski Completed

In the first collaboration between the architect and the luxury crystal producer, Daniel Libeskind and Swarovski present a championship-size chess set, whose pieces celebrate some of Libeskind’s most iconic buildings. With a board depicting maps of Milan and New York –  the set uses materials from the worlds of construction – concrete and marble – as well as luxury: silver from Wiener Silber Manufactur and Swarovski crystal. The two crystal kings take the form of the Freedom Tower in New York. The Queen, also in crystal, is represented by Libeskind’s CityLife tower in Milan. The silver Bishop is the L…

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Adagio Sofa

Flexform Completed

The Adagio Sofa brings together a synergy of architectural form and everyday comfort. Adagio means slow or at ease.  The canted arms and back reconsider the rigid structure of a traditional sofa creating more comfortable movement and a dynamic form.  The materials and colors are inspired by classical Italian design. “The design celebrates the subtle details of the everyday form and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship,” said architect and designer Daniel Libeskind.

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Time Maze Clock

Alessi Completed

“Time is not circular: it veers sharply to mark the event as unexpected—As the clock itself.” —Daniel Libeskind Daniel Libeskind’s Time Maze clock for Alessi seemingly defies the notion of time altogether: time is not linear; it is not circular; time is a labyrinth of abstract connections and playful interactions. To underline this concept the clock can be hung in any orientation allowing for a customized hanging in each home. The Time Maze clock is constructed of stainless steel and comes in red, black and stainless versions. Libeskind’s deep interest in the concept of time is reflected in some of his most…

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Enigma Shelf

Citco Completed

The Enigma shelf for Italian stone company Citco illustrates Libeskind’s deft control of bold, complex geometric forms and builds upon his unique exploration of sculptural furniture designs for the home and office.  Using cutting-edge technology, the Enigma shelf is carved from white Italian marble into a three-dimensional matrix. The shelving system features interwoven shelves that appear to open and unfold in a dynamic gesture that follows a parallel trajectory. The result is an extruded puzzle-like form with both surfaces and voids that are highly functional and sculptural at the same time.

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Android Radiator

Antrax Completed

For Antrax, Libeskind reimagined the radiator as a piece of sculpture. Both its shape, which recalls Japanese origami, and the technologies implemented in its design are highly innovative. The Android’s form is composed of unexpected geometrical facets that appear to be made from a sheet of folded paper.  The resulting sequence of angles and lines creates a chiaroscuro effect that emphasizes its composition. The Android, constructed from 100% recyclable material, is also highly sustainable. The Android is available in more than 200 colors and can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

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Fiam Completed

Comprised of front and side mirrored silver-glass panels, set at different inclinations in balanced, but palpable, tension.  The luxe object was born of Daniel Libeskind’s desire to reconceive this traditional type of furniture in his own signature dynamic geometries to express the contemporary gestalt.   The simplicity of its form is belied by the hand-crafting of its surfaces and joinings and engineering challenges that pushed the borders of current glass technology.  The mirrored Libeskind design will be made in a  limited edition of 40 for Fiam’s 40th anniversary. A similar model will be manufactured for a broader market.

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Gemma Collection

Moroso Completed

Intended for both commercial and residential use, the Gemma collection—first launched in Spring, 2015, in Milan—has been expanded to include a chair, sofa and sofa system for public spaces such as airports and lobbies. “Gemma is an exercise in architecture on a small scale,” says Daniel Libeskind. Asymmetrical hard edges are offset by Blur, a luxurious soft ombre knitted fabric that morphs from dark to light. The multi-faceted profile is reminiscent of a precious gemstone, and of the geometries typical of fifteenth century Italian tapestries. Gemma represents the synergy between the complex geometries for which Libeskind is known, and the highly respected craftsmanship of Moroso’s upholstering…

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Loloey Carpet Collection

Loloey Completed

Daniel Libeskind collaborated with luxury Italian carpet company Loloey to create a collection that explores form, pattern and color in a series of limited edition rugs and carpets for contract and retail markets. Inspired by the fractal geometry that can be recognized throughout Libeskind’s body of work, such as his crystalline addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, or the intricately patterned façade of the Kö-Bogen commercial complex in Düsseldorf, these geometric patterns will be abstracted and transposed onto each piece. Truly unique and functional, the wall-to-wall carpets are handmade by means of a tufting technique from 100% bamboo silk that…

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Poliform Completed

A play on words at a time when an increasing number of books are read online, the Web bookcase for Poliform reconsiders the book as object. Composed of alternating blocks and voids, the Web’s slanted and skewed shelves function as display cases for objects as well as books. The all white bookcase is made from highly durable Dupont Corain.

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Thorn Completed

London, April 2015 – Thorn announces the launch of Zoar, a unique architectural lantern with a tiltable LED engine, exclusively designed by world-class architect, Daniel Libeskind. With a modern textured black finish, Zoar offers a striking slim profile and elegant column package with continuous geometries from the lantern to the column. A tiltable LED engine allows freedom and innovation in lighting design, as well as easy integration into the landscape. Daniel Libeskind’s work includes, among other famous projects, the World Trade Center Master Plan; Canada’s Royal Ontario Museum; Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany; the Vitra tower in Sao Paolo, Brazil; and…

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Casalgrande Padana Completed

The Fractile tile series designed for Casalgrande Padana combines state-of-the-art technology with legendary Italian ceramic technique to produce a revolutionary material. The geometric tile not only creates an expressive pattern that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, it also possesses surprising sustainable properties. The technology of Bios Self Cleaning ceramics allows the slabs to be self-cleaning and also reduces environmental pollution by purifying the air.

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Poltrona Frau SpA Completed

The Tangram auditorium chair presents a new architectural approach to an auditorium chair. The Tangram shifts the idea of the auditorium chair towards a comfortable lounge chair. it is an affordable and comfortable answer to auditorium seating: the chair has a unique form, and in multiples, they create a lively architectural composition. The chair can be produced in a variety of different materials, textures and colors and it can be adapted to many different settings.

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Lasvit Completed

Working with the master craftsmen at the Lasvit factory in the Czech Republic, Mr. Libeskind has created a bold, geometric chandelier that achieves a ‘one-of-a-kind’ luminosity through the delicate and fluid quality of hand-blown glass. The Ice chandelier is made up of clear glass ‘cells,’ blown into angular molds and then clustered together in a series of puzzle-like, triangular patterns. These modular patterns can be twisted and turned into any number of horizontal compositions to suit a wide variety of spaces.  Like stalactites or icicles, the glass forms capture light, refracting it into prisms, so that each column glows in unpredictable…

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Nina & Denver Door Handles

Olivari Completed

These handles are the outcome of a skillful work of removing material to obtain a thinned volume with an extremely modern character. It is suitable for modern environments, where design sophistication becomes a distinctive element of taste.

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Varenna Completed

The Sharp series for Varenna includes a customizable kitchen and wardrobe. The Sharp kitchen incorporates Libeskind’s signature style into a modular kitchen layout.  Wedge-shaped, cast stainless-steel cabinet-pulls cross-hatch the wood cabinetry, a new -to-market, highly durable Corian product is specified for the countertops and a triangular bar for casual dining and entertaining, are some of the highlights of the Sharp design. The Sharp wardrobe is conceived as an architectural element with a floor-to-ceiling door clad in Italian leather with diagonal lines stitched crossways.

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Tea Set

Sawaya & Moroni Completed

Premiering during the 2009 Milan Design Week in the showroom of the famous Via Manzoni, Daniel Libeskind’s tea set designed for Sawaya & Moroni is his first home accessory. Libeskind’s tea set reflects his unique architectural style that has resulted in iconic buildings all over the world; here that design sense is miniaturized in the form of this striking sculptural object for use in the home.  This handmade Sterling silver tea set includes tea pot, coffee pot, creamer, two tea cups, sugar bowl and tray.

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The Wing

Fiam Completed

The WING mirror collection, designed for Fiam, reimagines the mirror and its magical space. The name refers to the way our image is reflected back at us each morning, jolting us awake and forcing the dreams and desires of the night to take wing. The mystery of reflection is suggested by two parallel lines near the top and the bottom of each mirror that break the flat surface and cause a frisson of dislocation in the viewer. The effect is heightened by the fact that, if the mirrors are hung perpendicular to the floor, the “breaks” appear at an angle, while if the…

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Radix Ceiling Light

iGuzzini Completed

Developed for iGuzzini, the patented Radix ceiling lighting system aims to provide more than a certain level of wattage: rather, the Radix allows the user to control not only the amount, but also the character of light to create a mood of well-being.   It is the result of experimentation in photobiology­­—the biological effects of exposure to light and the nature of variations of daylight in artificial spaces.   “I think well-being and light are intimately correlated. As somebody that travels a lot around the world, I see that there is a need for daylight and also to create an atmosphere…

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TreP-TrePiù Completed

The IDEA door evolved from extensive research and a creative collaboration between Daniel Libeskind and TRE-Più. It offers a unique sensorial experience and adds something special to the space it’s placed within. The goal of the collaboration was to create a truly unique product with a high level of perceptual richness and technical capability. The way the door feels to the touch, what it looks like to the eye, what it sounds like to the ear, and what it does to the atmosphere of a place is of paramount importance. The rich tactile sense of IDEA is reinforced by the exclusive patented profile in…

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Jacuzzi Completed

FLOW, created for Jacuzzi®, turns a purely functional object into a luxurious icon of design. With its torque-like structure – a fitting setting for the company’s innovative hydromassage technology – FLOW recalls the intricacy of a Roman bath, the whimsy of a Baroque-era cistern and the intensity of a deep sea vortex.

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Sawaya & Moroni Completed

The Torq armchair and table is inspired by the Museo di Arte Contemporanea (in Milano) which is based on Leonardo’s inscription of the human figure in the circle and the square. This dynamic ensemble is created by simple geometries in a complex relationship that offers an artistic expression for the home or office. The concept of the Torq continues a conversation with the traditions of tubular steel furniture originating in the Bauhaus, passing through the art deco period and into our time. What is new in the architecture of the armchair and the table, is the concept of transforming a square tubular base…

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Zumtobel / Sawaya & Moroni Completed

Daniel Libeskind’s eL Chandelier is roughly nine feet tall and two-and-a-half feet wide. It weighs 350 pounds. A luminous, sharp-edged, cascading shape, the chandelier has a highly-polished stainless steel exterior and a stainless-and-23-carat-gold-plated-leaf interior. Created in collaboration with SAWAYA & MORONI S.p.A. and Austrian lighting company Zumtobel, the limited-edition eL Chandelier is distinguished by both its striking design and the sophisticated technology that underlies it. The light emitted by eL mimics and reproduces the cosmic light that fills the Universe. To achieve this, Dr. Noam I Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind’s son and an astrophysicist at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam, used eL’s LEDs…

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Spirit House Chair

Nienkämper Furniture & Accessories Inc Completed

In advance of the June 2nd opening of the new Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), architect Daniel Libeskind and Toronto furniture designer Klaus Nienkämper have unveiled a new limited edition, custom built piece of furniture entitled the Spirit House Chair, inspired by the architectural peaks and facades of Libeskind’s Lee-Chin Crystal. The contemporary, multi-faceted Spirit House Chair is architect Daniel Libeskind’s first foray into the world of furniture. The chair is constructed entirely of 14 gauge stainless steel with a brushed finish and weighs 180 lbs. It is designed to be oriented in five different positions…

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Zohar Lamp

Zumtobel In design

The Zohar luminaire designed by Daniel Libeskind explores the idea of street lighting from a new perspective. Based on human proportions, it modulates light through its stainless steel facets, achieving a friendly yet striking effect. Reaching beyond the mechanical and anonymous device, the light pole imbues the street with a subtle complexity and contributes to the richness and diversity of the city. The intricate physiognomy of the pole allows the Zohar to maintain its sculptural qualities even when used in clusters and rows: its emotional sensibility creates a living space around it, making the urban experience a little more multi-faceted…

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Fiam Completed

Also designed for Fiam, for the Mirage mirror Mr. Libeskind has taken the timeless shape of an ellipse and recast it as a thin reflective sliver, attached just 5 cm from the wall.  Across the surface of mirror, he has run a crimped line, like a lengthwise slash.  The resulting broken and refracted reflection endows the Mirage mirror with an a shifting sense of three-dimensionality when looked at from different points of view, while its extreme thinness produces the optical illusion of a mysterious shadow between the wall and mirror: a mirage.

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Artemide Completed

Paragon, the new floor lamp designed by Daniel Libeskind for Artemide, has a long slender profile that casts a vertical blade of light. The unique geometry creates a warm lighting effect making it suitable for office, shop or home use. The asymmetric section gives the form a multifaceted appearance and accentuates the lightness of the vertical structure, giving Paragon a sense of refined complexity.

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