CLAD: Richard Leakey and Daniel Libeskind are bringing a museum of evolution to Kenya’s Lake Turkana

The renowned paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey is developing a museum dedicated to the history of human evolution on the banks of Lake Turkana in the Kenyan desert.  Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind is developing the project design for Leakey, and told CLADglobal the museum will “present our entire history through a spatial experience and the exhibits inside.”

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Mansion Global: Beautiful Homes Pop Up in Some of the Most Unexpected Places

The famed architect believes luxury is about craftsmanship and customization, and buyers are choosier than ever

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Architect’s Journal: London Festival of Architecture Event: Daniel Libeskind

Libeskind was speaking at a London Festival of Architecture event on Sunday (11 June), during which he was asked why there were so few prominent women architects. Starchitect Daniel Libeskind has blamed the lack of eminent female architects on a ‘generative prejudice against women’ in the profession

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Focus Magazin: Herr Libeskind und die Leidenschaft

For the interview in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Libeskind is happy about the success of his concert project “One Day in Life.” In FOCUS, he talks about how his roots have shaped him, how he lives, where he sees his home – and his museum plans in Iraq.

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RIBAJ: Review for the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

Architecture Critic, Hugh Pearman reviews the Ogden Centre for RIBA Journal saying, “The Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, Studio Libeskind’s contribution to Durham University’s science faculties, is dedicated to increasing our knowledge of the universe. It’s not a bad building, either.”

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The Irish Times: Libeskind makes peace with Poland as he reaches into Warsaw sky

World-renowned architect, Daniel Libeskind’s global portfolio ranges from New York’s World Trade Center redevelopment and Berlin’s Jewish Museum through to the Kurdish Museum in Iraq and social housing models for dense urban environments in China and elsewhere. In Ireland his Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin has injected new life into the Grand Canal Harbour development.

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Architectural Digest: Daniel Libeskind’s Skyscraper Will Be The First In This Historical French City

France’s fourth largest city is finally set to grow vertically. Toulouse, a city founded in southwest section of the country around the 2nd century B.C., will soon have its first-ever skyscraper. And it will be designed by none other than world-renowned architect, Daniel Libeskind.

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wNYC: Setting the Story of the Kurds in Stone

In recent months, Kurdish peshmerga soldiers have made headlines as critical players in the fight against ISIS. For the Kurds, an ethnic minority group without their own country, this is a familiar role: they’ve grappled with violence and oppression for centuries. However, their story is largely undocumented and often forgotten. To change that, architect Daniel Libeskind and journalist Gwynne Roberts have teamed up with the Kurdish regional government to build a new museum in the city of Erbil, in Northern Iraq. But they’re running up against challenges — namely, war. Producer Meara Sharma has the story.

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Dezeen: Daniel Libeskind completes larch-clad cosmology centre for Durham University

Daniel Libeskind has revealed his latest project – an £11.5-million centre for cosmology and astronomy researchers at Durham University in England.

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Curbed: The 17 most beautiful museums around the world

On the heels of Curbed’s round up of the best museums and libraries in the United States, it’s time to cue the wanderlust and turn our eyes abroad.  Although our country boasts some of the finest art in the world—all housed in seriously amazing buildings—there are a number of stunning museums around the globe.

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the Telegraph: Warsaw rising: the historic city is getting a starchitect’s touch

From the 49th floor of Zlota 44, the Daniel Libeskind-designed tower, the charms of the Polish capital aren’t immediately obvious. The city of just 1.7 million people lies on the rather unremarkable delta of the River Vistula, which bisects Warsaw, dividing the historic, established “left” or western side from the edgy, traditionally working-class “right” bank.

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Design Milk: Episode 23 of Clever: Daniel Libeskind

World-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind inspires Jaime and Amy with his eternally optimistic world-view and powerfully uplifting story of being born into persecution, immigrating to “the promised land” of the U.S. and participating in the space race. As the architect responsible for the master plan of the World Trade Center site, he composes memory in order to heal the future. Oh and he’s got mad accordion skills.

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99u: A Driver’s License Can be Revoked for the Elderly, but Artistic License? Never.

For creatives, the retirement age of 65 is merely a mile marker, not the end, of their life’s ride. Here four old souls, ages 67 to 101, discuss why they continue to hone their craft with no end in sight. Why? “There is an immortality to being creative,” says one.

Financial Times: Daniel Libeskind’s Perfect Weekend in New York

Daniel Libeskind talks about what a perfect Saturday looks like in New York City.

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Archinect: The Proust Questionnaire

In architecture, the personal tends to be prohibited. “Starchitects” might have notoriously big personalities, but how much do we actually know about them? Enter the personality quiz, a favorite pastime of young adults and, as it turns out, the architect Daniel Libeskind, who agreed to be the first in our new series, the Proust Questionnaire.

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NYTimes: Holocaust Memorial Is Closer to Reality in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM — The architect Daniel Libeskind unveiled his design on Friday for a Dutch national Holocaust memorial in Amsterdam, to be laser-etched with the names of some 103,000 Jewish, Roma and Sinti residents of the Netherlands who were killed by the Nazis during World War II.

The names monument will consist of four walls made of red brick — a common material in Amsterdam houses — shaped into the form of the Hebrew word “Lizkor,” which translates to “in memory of.”

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Louisiana Channel: Daniel Libeskind Tribute to New York

“If you took the whole world and collapsed it into one little ball, you’d find it here, in this city.” Daniel Libeskind, world-renowned architect behind the new World Trade Center site, gives tribute to his city in this short and colourful video.

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Handelsblatt: Rich and poor must be able to live together in a city

In having finished his newly built Haus Sapphire in Berlin-Mitte, Daniel Libeskind in an interview with Handelsblatt, talks about making capital successful in looking at the urban future, the link between affordable housing and social peace, and opinions towards what Donald Trump believes.

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The Times: Warsaw Undergoes a Tech Revolution

Tech workers, like artists, can be useful for property developers to follow when they are seeking the “next big thing”. They will scrutinise, for example, the real estate investment opportunities prompted by the Cambridge to Oxford railway line and “tech corridor”, which was promised a funding boost in the autumn statement last week. They will also consider where the extra 500 workers that Facebook plans to hire for its new London headquarters in Fitzrovia, will live, as well as those commuting to the new Apple headquarters at Battersea Power Station.

Where the geeks go, the builders will often follow.


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Live from the NYPL: Never Built New York

It’s hard to imagine a New York different from the one we know, but what would the city have been like if the ideas of some of the greatest architectural dreamers had made it beyond the drawing boards and into built form? The new book Never Built New York paints the picture of an alternative New York, with renderings, sketches, models, and stories of proposals for the city that never came to be. Internationally acclaimed architects Daniel Libeskind. Steven Holl, and Elizabeth Diller come together to envision this alternate city.

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Take Two: Designing a public memorial after tragedy

The city of Orlando is in the process of trying to buy the Pulse nightclub where 49 people were killed and more than 50 injured in a mass shooting that occured last June.  Officials there are still trying to determine the best way to memorialize those who lost their lives.  In California, the first anniversary of the San Bernardino shooting is approaching.

Take Two’s A. Martinez spoke with Daniel Libeskind on how to construct a public memorial in an interview for California radio, 89.3 KPCC.


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Der Spiegel: Daniel Libeskind warns of dead inner cities and calls for new thinking

The US architect Daniel Libeskind lived in Berlin for 14 years and is following its development with concern. The real estate boom “prices out people from the city who serve the city, but the city can no longer afford it.”

It requires a rethinking of urban planning, looking at prestigious major projects such as the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace , and towards modern social housing. And Libeskind wants to set a good example.


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The Frankfurt Concerts of Daniel Libeskind

Architect Magazine looks at the “One Day In Life,” event curated by Libeskind and organized under the auspices of the Alte Oper, the musical company that occupies the renovated 19th-century opera house in the center of Frankfurt.


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Why Ground Zero is Daniel Libeskind’s favourite architectural project

Daniel Libeskind talks about his process and why working on the master plan for the World Trade Center site will always remain special to him.



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Daniel Libeskind Building the Unbuildable

Daniel Libeskind is one of the most celebrated architects of our time, but before he made his name with the iconic Berlin Jewish Museum, his ambitious designs were largely dismissed and considered “unbuildable.”

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Revista Código: Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind and architecture for the common good. Creating new living spaces that generate an environment conducive for comfort, amid the complicated construction of the Master Plan WTC New York.  The architect spoke with Codigo on his perception of discipline, convergences between architecture and music, and the ephemeral nature of buildings.

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Elle Decor speaks to Daniel Libeskind’s tower to be constructed at City Life, Milan. The final to be constructed in the business and shopping district after the completion of Allianz and Generali Towers.

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Musical Chairs : Daniel Libeskind Unveils a New Project in Frankfurt

The One Day in Life initiative commissioned by the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, a musical labyrinth comprised of individual concert events in various locations across the city.

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DECO Home: A Feature on Salone 2016 and One Day in Life

DECO Home speaks to Daniel Libeskind about his collaboration with the Frankfurt Opera, One Day in Life, as well as his new design projects at Salone 2016.

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Cool Hunting: Daniel Libeskind and Alessi’s Time Maze Wall Clock

The architect reflects on the esoteric concept of time.

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Lufthansa Exclusive: Lord of the Angle

Daniel Libeskind returns to his musical roots with a concert project in Frankfurt am Main.

Architectural Record: Libeskind Unveils Apartment Complex and Design Objects in Milan

Architectural Record takes a look inside one of the Libeskind-designed CityLife apartments, as well as at Daniel Libeskind’s collection of new products presented at the 2016 Salone del Mobile.

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El País: Roundup of 30 Amazing Museums

Spanish Newspaper El País presents a photo gallery of 30 of the worlds most spectacular, recently opened or announced museums, including Studio Libeskind’s Zhang Zhidong and Modern Industrial Museum in Wuhan, China.

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Bloomberg Businessweek: Daniel Libeskind’s Secret Museum of the Kurds

Daniel Libeskind unveils the design for the Kurdistan Museum in the 2016 Design Issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Las Vegas Review Journal: Libeskind’s Crystals Sells for $1.1 Billion

Two big retail investors made a bet Friday on a growing tourism market on the Strip.

In a widely rumored deal, Invesco Real Estate of Atlanta and Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group officially entered into a $1.1 billion agreement to buy The Shops at Crystals. The 324,000-square-foot luxury mall is part of CityCenter, which MGM Resorts International owns and operates through a 50-50 joint venture with Dubai World.

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Architectural Digest: 8 Steel Buildings That Are Incredible Examples of Modern Architecture

AD rounds up examples of modern architecture that make innovative use of the construction mainstay. Studio Libeskind’s 18.36.54 house in western Connecticut is showcased for its mirror-finished, bronzed stainless steel exterior.

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Berliner Morgenpost: Why Daniel Libeskind loves Mendelsohn’s Einstein Tower

Architecture, Astrophysics and a shining masterpiece: Daniel Libeskind and his son Noam visit Mendelsohn’s Einstein Tower .

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The Art Newspaper: Libeskind’s Modern Art Center in Vilnius

The first museum dedicated to Lithuanian Modern and contemporary art is due open in Vilnius, the country’s capital, in early 2019. The 33,400 sq. ft concrete-and-glass building, designed by Daniel Libeskind, will act as a “gateway” between the Medieval and 18th-century parts of the city, according to the architect.

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Azure: Libeskind’s High-Rise Tower in São Paulo

Shaped like a shard of glass, the architect’s Vitra residential tower is also his first project in South America.

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Architizer: Vilnius Contemporary Art Museum Feature

The Art of Subtlety: Daniel Libeskind’s Vilnius Museum Is an Exhibition in Newfound Restraint

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Wallpaper: Zlota 44 Feature

Daniel Libeskind’s new Warsaw tower, Zlota 44, makes its mark on the Polish city’s skyline

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Vanity Fair: The 2015 ‘On Art’ Architecture Portfolio

In Vanity Fair’s November 2015 “On Art” issue, the magazine presents the “titans of global museum architecture”, introduced by eminent friends, clients and artists. Daniel Libeskind, “The Deconstructivist”, is pictured in his Jewish Museum Berlin.

CNN Style reviews Memory and Design Exhibition at Roca London Gallery

Six of the world’s top architects and designers are delving into their deepest, darkest and most distant memories for a new exhibition. The exhibition hopes to shed light on the elusive role of childhood experience in shaping creativity in adulthood.

Childhood ReCollections: Memory in Design at Roca London Gallery will include six modern-day “cabinets of curiosities” created by architects Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma, Daniel Libeskind, and Denise Scott Brown, plus Spanish design duo Nieto Sobejano, and hat designer Philip Treacy.

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Architectural Digest: Pyramid Tower Feature

How best to build a new skyscraper in an ancient city? That question was top of mind for architects Daniel Libeskind and Israel-based Yigal Levi as they drew up the recently approved plans for a 344-foot building in the heart of Jerusalem.

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T Magazine: Six Leading Architects Defend the World’s Most Hated Buildings

Daniel Libeskind and five other leading architects defend the merits of some of the world’s most controversial buildings.

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Architect Magazine: The Tiles of Studio Libeskind’s Vanke Pavilion

Architect Magazine explores the iridescent, red ceramic tiles covering Studio Libeskind’s Vanke Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015.

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Newsweek: A Five-Mile Walk with Daniel Libeskind

Newsweek invites some of the world’s most interesting thinkers to go on a five-mile walk of their choice, starting with Daniel Libeskind in Berlin.

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South China Morning Post: Libeskind’s Expo Pavilion Shines

South China Morning Post explores China’s architectural pavilions at the 2015 Milan World Expo, including the dramatic structure and lasting impression left by Libeskind’s Vanke Pavilion.


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Architectural Record: Daniel Libeskind’s “Future Flowers” at Salone del Mobile 2015

Milan Dispatch: Architects Manipulate Materials at the 2015 Salone del Mobile – The imaginative installations of Daniel Libeskind, Kengo Kuma, and more.

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One Day in Life: Daniel Libeskind Develops a Concert Project for Frankfurt

Daniel Libeskind has accepted the invitation of Alte Oper Frankfurt to develop his very own concert project for Frankfurt. The result is an artistic concept which extends far beyond the space of Alte Oper and the usual framework of concerts. Choosing the title “One Day in Life“, Libeskind will create an entirely novel encounter between the city of Frankfurt, music, and the fundamental motifs of human existence. “One Day in Life” will take place Saturday, May 21, 2016 through Sunday, May 22, 2016.

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Architectural Record: Mons International Congress Xperience Feature, March 2015

Architecture critic Hugh Pearman reviews Studio Libeskind’s Mons International Congress Xperience.

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Daniel Libeskind discusses Cities and Healing on Monocle Magazine’s “The Urbanist”

Cities are places built to bring people together but every so often conflict and unrest in urban centers means that communal trust is broken. This episode of The Urbanist looks at how cities heal after conflict and the dust clears.

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Stories of Regeneration from the Second Generation – Museum of Jewish Heritage

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, join us for a live storytelling event as children of Holocaust survivors recollect what it was like to grow up in the shadow of the Shoah. This program was originally scheduled for International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 and was postponed due to the snowstorm.

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Der Tagesspiegel – Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind interviewed by German newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel

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Wallpaper* : Mons International Congress Xperience

“‘It’s not an expensive building but it’s an elegant building and that’s what we wanted,’ says Daniel Libeskind. The architect is showing us around his latest project, a new convention centre – the Mons International Congress Xperience (MICX) – that is part of a wider regeneration masterplan for the pretty southern Belgian town of Mons, and the first of several projects planned for the city’s year as European Capital of Culture.
Read more at Wallpaper*

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Daniel Libeskind : l’Histoire dans le dos

Le Moniteur visits the Mons International Congress Xperience in Belgium on its press opening.

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T Magazine Features Counting the Rice Table

Marina Abramovic has joined forces with the architect Daniel Libeskind and the furniture design firm Moroso to create a limited-edition table…

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Smithsonian: 200 Years of the Star-Spangled Banner

Smithsonian Magazine showcases a modern artists’ portfolio saluting America’s most famous flag.

To renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, a Polish immigrant, the U.S. flag means “freedom of the individual, of religion, of democracy.” Steel and aluminum convey the symbol’s indestructibility.

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Co.Design Interviews Daniel Libeskind

The renowned architect talks to Co.Design about how he works, embracing failure, and why he’d love to design an airport.

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Wallpaper – Counting the Rice

Wallpaper Magazine feature on Daniel Libeskind’s “Counting the Rice” desk for Marina Abramovic and Moroso

The Wall Street Journal: The Vanguard of Museum Design

A round-up feature in the Wall Street Journal featuring the Zhang Zhidong Museum and Modern Industrial Museum


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Daniel Libeskind on Planning and Evolving, The Commercial Observer

An interview with Daniel Libeskind on the future.

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Military History Museum on Cover of IDT Magazine, June 2014

Architect’s Journal Cover Story: Student Starchitects, July 2014

Crit memories: Foster, Rogers, Libeskind & Scott Brown, Architect’s Journal, July 2014

Daniel Libeskind

At the Cooper Union, I took a course on structures in architecture given by Ysrael Seinuk, a renowned engineer famous in New York for his skyscrapers…

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Daniel Libeskind, “Drawing a New Architecture” feature by Ian Volner in Nuvo, Autumn 2014

Drawing a new architecture
Writer Ian Volner
Photographer Mark Peckmezian
Daniel Libeskind wasn’t even supposed to be in New York. He was supposed to be in Dallas, Texas, for a symposium on urban issues—one of the countless conventions, colloquia, and festivals for which the architect has become a regular ornament over the course of his long career. Only two weeks prior, in early June, he had been in Venice for the city’s Architecture Biennale; before that, it was Manila; the week following, London. But on this very summery mid-June afternoon, Libeskind’s itinerant lifestyle had finally caught up with him, and he was laid low with a strep throat that had him recuperating at home in Manhattan.

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Architect Magazine: Learning From Milan, May 2014

A cover feature by architecture critic James Russell. He reviews Daniel Libeskind’s masterplan and residences for the CityLife in Milan.

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Financial Times: Interview with Daniel Libeskind, March 2014

Daniel Libeskind on what inspired his World Trade Center plan in an interview with Financial Times.

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MIPIM Awards 2014

Kö-Bogen has been announced today Best Urban Regeneration Project at MIPIM Awards 2014.

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Urban Environment Design: Issue Dedicated to Daniel Libeskind, February 2014

New York Times: Military Museum Confronts Past, January 2014

Elizabeth Zach, New York Times, interviewed Daniel Libeskind for the two-year anniversary of the Military History Museum in Dresden.

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Interior Design Magazine: Libeskind returns to Berlin, December 2013

Interior Design magazine reports on Studio Libeskind’s latest project in Berlin.

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Wall Street Journal: Op-Ed by Daniel Libeskind, August 2013

Learning from the World Trade Center Wrangles, an Op-Ed by Daniel Libeskind.

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Exhibition of Daniel Libeskind’s Architectural Drawings

Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery Exhibition

EXHIBITION OF DANIEL LIBESKIND’S ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS Offers Rare Glimpse Into Creative Process of World-Renowned Architect

From intimate sketches of the Jewish Museum Berlin to a large-scale scroll drawing depicting the 2013 master plan for Ground Zero in New York, drawings by architect Daniel Libeskind are the focus of “Never Say the Eye Is Rigid: Architectural Drawings of Daniel Libeskind,” an exhibition opening on December 23, 2013 at Tel Aviv’s Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery (3 Lilienblum Street).The exhibition arrives in Tel Aviv after opening at the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery in Rome and in Turin. From Tel Aviv the show will travel to the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery in Milan then travel to London and to New York City (location and dates to be announced).

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New York Times: Shopping with Daniel Libeskind, June 2013

Architect Daniel Libeskind has made a name for himself with major urban projects like the master plan for the World Trade Center site and the Jewish Museum in Berlin. But a growing part of his work involves design on a much smaller scale: furniture, building products, household accessories.

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Daniel Libeskind on BBC Dream Builders Series

Daniel Libeskind’s first building was the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Shortly after it was opened he won a fierce competition to rebuild the most valuable and most politically charged piece of real estate in the world: Ground Zero in New York. It propelled him into the architectural stratosphere and was an experience that changed him utterly. He tells Razia Iqbal and an audience at the Royal Institute of British Architects of the twists and turns in an extraordinary tale.

Architectural Record: Denver Art Museum Cover Feature, 2007

Architecture critic Susan Stephens review Studio Libeskind’s Denver Art Museum.

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