Orbit Tower

Shanghai, China


Designed by Studio Libeskind and GALA Architects, the project is located in Shanghai Lingang Financial Bay East Expansion Area, adjacent to Dishui Lake and the Second Ring Park. It is the highest point of the central financial innovation valley.

The Orbit Tower is inspired by the orbital movements of the planets. The unique appearance is achieved by projecting the trajectory lines of different planetary movements on the building massing. The design language aligns with the adjacent buildings, subtly blending with the natural, rhythmic urban texture of the park, creating an organic dialogue with the neighborhood.

The smooth orbit curves segment the massing, dividing the facade into areas of various shapes. The rhythm and proportion of the façade are enhanced by articulating the areas between the orbit curves through the fin depth, pattern, and color variation. Under the unified overall shape, the appearance of the façade is enriched with details. It makes the whole building harmonious from a distance and rich in texture from a close view.

In order to highlight the eye-catching effect of the orbit, on the background of the curtain wall structure, dichroic color aluminum panels are used to create a delicate flow of light effect. Under the meteorological conditions of Shanghai with many rainy days, it contributes to creating a unique building with a luminous façade and a landmark effect in the urban scale