WINDOW ROOM FURNITURE, Houghton Gallery at Cooper Union, New York City

This project was prepared in response to an invitation from Tod Williams and Ricardo Scofidio to submit “a personal interpretation of the essential qualities of WINDOW ROOM FURNITURE in an 8″ x 8″ flat format.”

This project deployed the geometry of the square and its axonometric projection in 1″ of depth, to render the outer frame of the project as a window, to define the shallow space of a room, and within it a cube-like chair, a drawing of a window, and an implied space defined by light. In Hal Foster’s description of the project, “All three elements – window, room, furniture – are rendered as one, and each represents the other…The project elaborates a form of architectural representation into an “actual” model for a space – a space that is created not by or for a subject but by architecture’s ‘own’ logic.” ( Hal Foster, “Critical Spaces”, Art in America, March 1982.)
The “Window, Room, Furniture” model was exhibited at the Cooper Union, The Axis Gallery in Tokyo, and the Hiafa Museum in Israel.

Publication: WINDOW ROOM FURNITURE, by Tod C. Williams, Ricardo Scofidio  (Rizzoli)