Line and Wheel

In this exhibition, Major Silence, a twenty-meter track extends from the entry, past the glass wall and into the rear of the garden, upon which a disc two meters in diameter shuttles slowly to one end of the track and back again.  The device is entitled, “Line and Wheel”. Beside the track at the center of the exhibition space is another object, resembling a giant automatic weighing scale.  Six discs of different sizes have been inserted into the slightly slanted top of its aluminum-clad cylinder, enabling the aluminum model to revolve. These two objects, moving nowhere noiselessly, seem somehow to cry out…

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Impossible Architecture, traveling exhibition, Japan

The history of architecture includes countless plans and ideas that were never completed. Some were unrealistic or impractical, some limited by social issues of the time, others abandoned to focus on renovating existing buildings. Unfinished buildings, however, still encapsulate the artists’ and architects’ dreams and ideas. This exhibition looks at what became “impossible,” focusing on unfinished architecture in Japan and overseas from the 20th century and beyond. Blueprints and scale models by 40 architects and artists are on show, including Makoto Aida, Tadao Ando, ​​Archigram, ARAKAWA + Madeline GINS, Yakov Chernikhov, Yona Friedman, Sou Fujimoto, Mark Foster Gage, Pierre Jean Giloux,…

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Outside Line

Uozu, Japan Completed

Outside Line, an installation situated in the Sports Park near the city of Uozu, Japan, was proposed as a place to contemplate the relationship between man and nature. The project was inspired by the search for a contemporary understanding of space and light, and its design was informed by a precisely determined web of conceptual, topographical relationships between objects and space, eye and mind. A red line orients itself upon an imaginary axis connecting the descending history of the Buried Forest Museum and the ascending horizon of the Tateyama mountain range.  This line creates special, ever-changing qualities of light and…

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