Outside Line

Uozu, Japan


Outside Line, an installation situated in the Sports Park near the city of Uozu, Japan, was proposed as a place to contemplate the relationship between man and nature. The project was inspired by the search for a contemporary understanding of space and light, and its design was informed by a precisely determined web of conceptual, topographical relationships between objects and space, eye and mind.

A red line orients itself upon an imaginary axis connecting the descending history of the Buried Forest Museum and the ascending horizon of the Tateyama mountain range.  This line creates special, ever-changing qualities of light and shadow and appears different during different seasons.  In winter, snow collects softly within its angles, and when it rains, water flows along its length toward the visitors’ path of ascension. This physical “connecting line” between thought and vision also highlights the beauty and mystery of the city of Uozu.