Max Protetch Gallery: A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals


A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals, Max Protetch Gallery New York City

In early 2002 an unconventional exhibition opened in New York, A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals. In collaboration with the editors of Architectural Record, gallery owner Max Protetch had invited more than 100 architects worldwide to submit proposals for the redevelopment of the twin towers site. Sixty, including many internationally acclaimed practitioners in the field, sent sets of drawings, models, and photographs, as well as state-of-the-art electronic and digital presentations of their ideas. Freed from practical, real-world constraints imposed by clients, and incorporating radically different technological, economic, social, and philosophical approaches, the proposals were highly creative and forward looking. The Library is acquiring the entire archive. In its totality, the work provides a remarkable “snapshot” of advanced architectural thinking at the beginning of the twenty-first century.