Sonnets in Babylon

Venice Biennale, Italy Completed

Sonnets in Babylon, The Venice Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy, 2014 Some 100 never-before-exhibited drawings by Libeskind, created by hand from pen and sepia-toned washes of coffee, comprise the principal element of the pavilion. The series is screen-printed by Lasvit, the architectural glass-maker, using a ceramic process, on large-scale glass panels and arranged around the curved wall of the pavilion. Using state of the art technology, ribbons of aluminum panels fixed with discreet LED lights will create a luminous wall of light and transparency. The drawings themselves depict explosive uncouplings of ambiguous forms that alternately evoke favelas, futuristic cities, mechanical parts,…

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Three Lessons in Architecture: The Machines

Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, USA Completed

The Space of Encounter, by Daniel Libeskind Three Lessons in Architecture: The Machines Installation, Venice Biennale, 1985 The proposal deals with the city and its architecture in the form of participatory engagement with three large machines. The public is involved with creating and interpreting architecture in its broad social, cultural, and historical perspective. The three machines propose a fundamental recollection and a retrieval of the historical destiny of architecture; a singular, if unexpected, homecoming. This mechanism constitutes a single project: Each segment forms a starting point for the understanding and functioning of the others. Together they form a cycle in…

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