Swarovski Star and Kiosk

New York, New York


Swarovski has partnered with renowned architect Daniel Libeskind to create a new Swarovski Star for the Rockefeller Center® Christmas Tree in New York City. The Star debuted in November 2018, alongside a Libeskind-designed retail pop-up featuring Swarovski crystal ornaments for the holiday season. The star and retail pop-up will be showcased during the holiday season in the coming years.

Swarovski Star by Daniel Libeskind
The new Swarovski Star is the first redesign of the famed crystal tree-topper since the inaugural Swarovski Star was unveiled in 2004, when the company first partnered with Rockefeller Center co-owner Tishman Speyer to present the Star.

Libeskind’s Star is a brilliant showcase of Swarovski’s 120-year heritage of turning light into delight. The 900-pound star is 9-foot 4-inches in diameter and features 70 spikes covered in 3 million Swarovski crystals, harnessing the company’s innovative crystal technology and mastery of the refraction of light in a dazzling, three-dimensional structure. The dramatic architectural lines push through space, bursting with dynamism in aradiant reflection of Libeskind’s signature aesthetic.

Retail Pop-up and Holiday Ornaments
The Libeskind-designed retail pop-up on Rockefeller Plaza is both crystalline and star-like in form, celebrating the beauty, energy and light of New York City. The 146-square foot space has a faceted construction that complements the area’s architecture, with clean lines created from glass panels and video screens. Visitors can browse and purchase jewelry from Swarovski and Atelier Swarovski as well as the ever-popular crystal holiday ornaments, including a new range designed by Daniel Libeskind.

An exact replica of the Swarovski Star, also created with 3 million Swarovski crystals, will be displayed at ground level next to the retail pop-up, enabling visitors to explore its design and experience its wonder close-up.