Childhood ReCollections: Memory in Design featuring Daniel Libeskind | Roca London Gallery


On November 6, 2015, Daniel Libeskind discussed memory, creativity and legacy with architectural historian Gillian Darley at the Roca London Gallery.

The talk coincided with both the Death and Memory: Soane and the Architecture of Legacy at the Sir John Soane’s Museum and Childhood ReCollections: Memory in Design exhibition at the Roca London Gallery – where Libeskind’s formative memories were being presented.

“From early childhood, Libeskind was aware of the void left by the Holocaust, and this childhood experience of death and personal loss found expression in his Jewish Museum in Berlin,” said Roca curator Clare Farrow.

“Libeskind sees memory, not in terms of nostalgia or sentimentality, but as something that ‘leads to new thoughts,” she continued.