The Wohl Centre

Ramat-Gan, Israel


In this major expansion to the Bar-Ilan University Campus in Ramat-Gan, Israel, Studio Libeskind gives visual form to the concept of `voices’ and `echoes’ as symbols of Bar-Ilan’s essential quality—respect for the secular and the sacred.

The building is made up of an “open book” perched on top of two horizontal walls like the spine of a book.  The book-like form holds a 1000-seat auditorium, which is acoustically suitable for musical performances and lectures.  The auditorium lighting on the ceiling is a labyrinth of Hebrew letters.  The interior spaces are bright and clean spaces.  Flexible ground level rooms hold seminar and meeting rooms for more than 400 people and accommodate large group events.

As described by RIBA, “Another bravura performance from Libeskind brings scale, humanity and sense of new possibilities to an otherwise workaday university campus. Clearly built to a budget, the building makes a virtue of stark surfaces and uncluttered interiors, and a simple programme—a convention centre—is imbued with enigma and a sense of the numinous.”

For the 38,000-square-foot convention center, which stands at a highly visible crossroads in the campus, the Studio worked with Ortam-Sahar ltd. The project was generously funded by Maurice Wohl.

The project was completed in 2005.


2012 – The City of Ramat-Gan has included the Wohl Center to their first list of the Conservation Buildings Department
2006 – RIBA International Award