Seoul, South Korea


The Supyo tower is located in the central business district of Seoul. The project site is facing the two most significant axes in the city, Chungmoo-ro and Cheonggye-cheon nature-preserved streams. It is an iconic location that provides a view of Nam mountain as well as Bukak mountain.

The project is composed of a 24-story office tower and 4-story podium with retail, amenity, and a publicly accessible roof garden. The partial ground level will be historically preserved because of the old circulation routes found so there will be an interesting linkage between the old legacy and the new space.

The tower façade is based on the concept of Korean traditional patterns and a partition called Byungpoong. To increase the public use of the tower and the space, there is a multi-purpose space at the ground level and a huge atrium with grand stairs connecting different levels of the podium. The skylight designed above the atrium will make this space much more cozy and sustainable.

The project is expecting the groundbreaking 2nd quarter of 2023 and once it is completed in 2026, the Supyo tower will have the largest gross floor area in the Seoul CBD area.