Tangent Façade

Seoul, South Korea


Studio Libeskind designed the bold façade of the new Hyundai Development Company headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, to integrate the building with a public plaza and below-grade spaces, as well as serve future development on the site. A gigantic, 203-foot ring, encompassing red and white geometric forms, and an inclined metal vector was superimposed onto the existing modern office tower, transforming the main façade and plaza areas. The façade also includes working balconies and louvers. The design explores the interplay of light and shadow, varying light conditions throughout the year and creating a meditative environment for reflection.

The project was completed in 2005.


“Viewed from the street, the façade is a vivid and memorable expression through a combination of graphic elements and colours, creating a play of light and shadows.” –Architecture Guide Seoul (2014)