Jewish Museum Berlin – Spirit of Space


The Jewish Museum in Berlin is hard to forget. Its poignant impression pierces the memory and expands shortly after its initial puncture. Standing in stark contrast to the original Baroque building, its expression is immediately felt. Further, this project’s ripple has touched two additional spaces. Since the original opening in 2001, Studio Daniel Libeskind designed the Museum’s Glass Courtyard in 2007, and The Academy was recently completed and opened in 2013. Thus, it’s a fitting time to take another look at the original project that began building the relationship between the Museum and Daniel Libeskind.

Materials weather and age with use. The natural landscape fills in, adjusting itself to what man has made. Visitors repeatedly experience and interpret architectural spaces through their own schemas and lenses of personal understanding. Memories become faint.

 Memories are strengthened with continual reflection. Ideas endure.

The Jewish Museum is just as emotionally moving and disorienting as it was when it first opened. Taking a fresh reflective look, Spirit of Space has produced a short film capturing moments of this singular architectural experience.  The soundscape is jarring. Shots linger with trepidation. Perceptions waver with marks of appearance and disappearance. And in cinematic form, the film attempts to express the uneasy sequential essence of Libeskind’s work. (Sprit of Space)