Aedes Architecture Forum: Dialogue Concert Series #3

Chamberworks is a set of 28 drawings created by Daniel Libeskind during the years in which he served as the head of the Architecture Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in the early 1980s. The drawings explore the relationship between music and architecture. Christopher Dell conceives these as “a strategic performative approach to work constructively, and non-arbitrarily with indeterminacy. In this sense Formblocks serve as a lens through which the Chamberworks are musically read as scores.” On the occasion of Aedes Architecture Forum’s 40th anniversary, the series Dialogue Concerts. Conceptual Research on Architecture and Music presents…

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Not Square: The Frederic C. Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum

A catalog of the the first ten years of exhibits of the Frederic C. Hamilton Building, Not Square explores the impact of Daniel Libeskind’s revolutionary design on the curation of art. The book details how initial skepticism of the utility of the interior space’s complex geometry was proven wrong as the building has played host to various forms of art that–regardless of temporality or origin–have found a home in the Frederic C. Hamilton Building.

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Edge of Order

Edge of Order is an exploration of Daniel Libeskind’s creative process and the influences on some of his most famous projects. The book proceeds from Libeskind’s belief that with an open mind, every individual is not only capable of understanding architecture, but also designing it. He draws on his own journey to open the door to his creative process and his methods for discovering new directions in his work. With this remarkable marriage of text and design, rich with sketches, notes, plans, and photographs, Libeskind shares the stories behind, and inspiration for, a selection of his projects.

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Seoul, South Korea In design

The Supyo tower is located in the central business district of Seoul. The project site is facing the two most significant axes in the city, Chungmoo-ro and Cheonggye-cheon nature-preserved streams. It is an iconic location that provides a view of Nam mountain as well as Bukak mountain. The project is composed of a 24-story office tower and 4-story podium with retail, amenity, and a publicly accessible roof garden. The partial ground level will be historically preserved because of the old circulation routes found so there will be an interesting linkage between the old legacy and the new space. The tower…

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Occitanie Tower

Toulouse, France In design

In the historic ‘rose’ city of Toulouse, France the sculpted Occitanie Tower will rise 150 meters above the Canal du Midi in the heart of the city’s business district. Set to be the first skyscraper in the city, the tower’s curvaceous form is interrupted by a spiral of greenery that rises from street level up to the 40th floor. Trees will line the building’s platform and a ribbon of gardens will curl around the glass facade. The tower will include 11,000 square meters of office space, a Hilton hotel, up to 120 apartments, a restaurant with panoramic views, commercial space…

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Tikva – Jewish Museum Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal In design

Entitled Tikva, which means Hope in Hebrew, the Jewish Museum Lisbon will portray the history of the Jewish presence in the territory that is now Portugal, namely in Lisbon, and will share the contribution of the Jews by showing that the Jewish heritage is an indissoluble part of the country’s history. It intends to preserve and divulge Jewish memory and experience and to value cultural differences, thus promoting inter-religious integration. The Museum will be located in Belém of Lisbon, Portugal and is currently in design.

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Shanghai, China Under construction

Concerto is a composition of three office towers, a retail building, and a low-rise cultural building with an ample open park-like public space at the entrance of the site. The Cultural building, commercial building, and three office towers are arranged around an open public space with a sunken plaza. Varied in shape and façade design, they form a ‘Concerto’ of harmonizing voices. The cultural building frames a green space along Ennead’s ‘Financial Crescent’. It provides a variety of adaptable exhibition spaces and is the technology hub of the site. This dual function is reflected in the two main façade types:…

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