Frankfurt, Germany


Situated in the thriving Riedberg neighborhood of Frankfurt, seven residential villas create the new Verve development. Each four story building is designed as three intersecting volumes with a naturalistic palette of materials that reflect the character of the surrounding area.

Curved wood slatted screens wrap the buildings at different intervals creating an asymmetrical layering, while providing passive solar shading and privacy for each unit. Spacious balconies providing sightlines to the neighboring Kätcheslach Park, and ground-floor units have private garden terraces. The floor plan of each unit is unique and focuses on well-being and energy efficiency.

The project concept arrives from the idea of the musical scale: each building has a unique character while the composition as a whole creates a harmonious ensemble of buildings.

The first phase of construction has started and will be completed in 2019.


“I composed this project like a piece of music. The harmonious ensemble emerges out of the exciting differences and the interplay between the interior and exterior of each of the individual buildings as well as the spaces that emerges between the seven structures.”      –Daniel Libeskind